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Google Consent Mode V2 - Valid from March 7, 2024


Google Consent Mode V2 becomes mandatory. From now on, the user's decision made in the consent banner must be transmitted to all Google tracking codes using specified parameters.

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Google shuts down Universal Analytics


Google to stop tracking Universal Analytics, as of July 1, 2023 (360 as of October 1, 2023). Plan ahead to switch to the new Google Analytics 4

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Merry Christmas and thank you!


We Tracking Gardeners wish you a Merry Christmas as well as reflective & cozy hours at the end of the year ...

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Do I have to use the Facebook Conversion API?


Facebook is pushing its advertising customers more and more to use the in-house Facebook Conversion API (CAPI). But why? And what is the FB Conversion API anyway? And what options are there to use them? That's what this post is about.

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Complaint wave because of too complicated Consent Banner


On Monday (May 31st, 2021) the “Noyb” association sent over 500 data privacy complaints to various companies. The reason for the complaint is a missing reject button in the Consent-(Cookie)-Banner of the website, or the overly complicated reject option.

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Overheated smartphones through cookie banners


In the last few weeks we have received some reports about smartphones getting hot by visiting various websites. We were able to reproduce the problem, apparently cookie banners are causing the heating. The smartphones sometimes get extremely hot, so there is a risk of explosion from overheated batteries. Since cookie banners are installed in almost all websites, we recommend not using smartphones for the next few days.

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Curious aplab / a-app1 pageviews in Google Analytics


Since last year there are some curious pageviews in our web analytics systems. All these pageviews have url parameters with channel=aplab and source=a-app1 and include the (previous) Google url.

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Facebook’s Tracking-Limits


After Apple announced tracking restrictions in iOS, Facebook reacted fairly quickly and also introduced tracking restrictions. The motivation for this is not to get different tracking information from different operating systems, but to continue to have a uniform standard. Facebook's tracking restrictions have been active since the end of January 2021 and are similar to those announced by Apple, the details below.

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iOS 14.5 limits (and opens) app tracking


For the upcoming iOS 14.5, Apple has announced some restrictions for tracking iOS apps. At the same time, Apple also offers a new option. In this blog post you can find out what effects this actually has for tracking.

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Usercentrics v2 - What are the differences?


A major update has been released at Usercentrics. Usercentrics itself even speaks of Usercentrics Version 2. The update must be requested, and there are many things to consider ...

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