Hit Limits in Google Analytics

For Google Analytics there are several hit limits.

Google Analytics Hit Limits

  • 10 million hits per month per property
    (GA 360: up to 2 billion hits per month per property)
  • 200,000 hits per user per day
  • 500 hits per session
  • Each tracker object starts with 20 hits that are replenished at a rate of 2 hit per second.
    The limit does not apply to ecommerce hits (item or transaction)
    (this is for gtag.js and analytics.js, for ga.js it starts with 10 hits + 1 hit per second, for mobile SDKs with 60 hits + 1 hit all 2 seconds)

Apart from the 10 million hit limit per month the limits apply also to Google Analytics 360.

A detailed documentation for Google Analytics hit limits can be found here:

Additional Timing Hit Limits

Timing Hit Limits apply to one day per property and are valid for gtag.js, analytics.js and ga.js. Important to know is that page speed hits are also counted for that limit.

Regarding to Google this hit limit per day (and property) limits hits either to 10,000 or 1% of the total pageview count of the previous day. But Google published also the following table, (for us) is that an better overview:

Total Pageview Count (previous day) Hit Limit for the current day (number of hits)
0 - 1,000 100
1,000 - 100,000 10% of total pageview count
100,000 - 1,000,000 10,000
1,000,000+ 1% of total pageview count






A detailed documentation can be found here:

Other Limits in Google Analytics

Apart from Hit limits there are other limits in Google Analytics. These can be found on the following pages:

Control of the number of hits

In Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics) you can get an overview of the number of hits in the Admin: [ Admin in the property column / Property settings / Property Hit Volume]:

A more detailed overview you get with our Session / Hit Report, the template for this is available in the Analytics Solutions Gallery: