Usercentrics is a cloud-based consent management platform from Germany that is widely used in German-speaking countries. Usercentrics is one of the "big" solutions at CMPs. The system is characterized by a large number of ready-made services with suitable text templates.

Usercentrics offers an exemplary (configurable) consent banner, including user history in a modern look. The usability in the Usercentrics administration tries to remain as reduced as possible, unfortunately this makes some required functions more complicated or unusable. The cookie crawler in particular is very difficult to use.

The pricing depends on the traffic (number of sessions) and offers different functions in different packages.


Differences and notes Usercentrics v1 to v2

Usercentrics released a major update in 2021, referred to by Usercentrics itself as Usercentrics v2. We have summarized the differences in this blog article:
Usercentrics v2 - What are the differences?